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Ways to engage new clients.

During this pandemic, businesses have been able to stay successful by first leveraging their current client base and second engaging new clients. While for some engaging new clients has been easy, some companies have struggled in finding these pockets of new customers. There a two major ways to find these customers and here is how:

  1. Utilize your current client base. Whether it is asking for a referral or offering a discount or promotion use your current clients to promote you! People are more likely to hire a company when they have received the information from a personal recommendation than an advertisement.

  2. Increase your social media presence. I'll give you a perfect example of how this has worked during the pandemic. A new bakery opened in Ft. Lauderdale one week prior to shut down. When everything closed down, they amped up their social media and proceeded to offer special discounts and engage with influencers. Within 3 weeks their following went from 100 to well over 25 thousand. They constantly sell out and only offer limited quantities which now have to be ordered in advance. This engagement allowed them to stay open and thrive during the pandemic. It didn't hurt their pastries were amazing as well.

Let me help you figure out a way to increase your business during these tough times. With some minor changes you can stay relevant and stay in business!

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